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Sep 24, 2011 6:00pm EDT
. in the iconic movie, indiana jones, he survived. the terps did not. the owls rolled up 31 first half points. if you give a hoot, maryland quarterback daniel brian really didn't have a chance to play the hero. the terps had the football for a grand total of 19 minutes. temple's running back, bernard pierce, was the action hero, guiding temple to what could be a hollywood script. first quarter, first play for the owls. chester stewart hits evan rodriguez. he gets a block. and he's off. 54 yards to the maryland 3. big start for temple. just getting started. three plays later, bernard pierce scam pers in for six. he had a huge day. 7-0 temple, just like that. after a maryland 3 and out, dives in for the touchdown. owls making it look easy, 14-0 temple. maryland hasn't had a punt block since 1999. till today. rot stre rod streeter flies in. owls up 21-0. pierce far from done. pierce races past the maryland defense. 44-yard touchdown. owls lead 28-0. pierce would finish with a school record five touchdowns. 31-0 temple at halftime. fourth quarter, same score. danny o'brien looking for his buddy b
Sep 2, 2011 6:00pm EDT
beck against rex grossman of indiana. two men battling here in ority believes in the man who used to rock a mullet. mike shanahan owns the final vote and he's campaigning for neither qb. for now, we have a football filibuster. last night in the final preseason game against tampa bay, beck tried to lock down the job, grossman didn't even play. first play of the game, beck going deeper, anthonya armstron, well, just out of his reach. and later in the game, beck under pressure here, makes a good decision, good quick pass to the rookie. then at the end of the first half, beck under some heavy pressure here throws it up again but it's intercepted by d.j. johnson. beck only completed 10 of his 21 passes for 108 yards. beck finishes the preseason with two picks and one touchdown. grossman, two t.d.s, one pick. shanahan, though, not ready to name his guy. >> well, like i said, i'll get a chance to evaluate that over the next day and kind of give you a better assessment. it's hard to tell you right now because you can't see everything from the quarterback's perspective. so i get a chance t
Sep 1, 2011 6:00pm EDT
in indianapolis, indiana. that is because the humidity is so high there. so for friday, a touch of humidity. saturday and sunday, a lot of it. a little weak disturbance coming through the area receipt now, so that's producing showers we have had, running all the way down to the south. it will be over the early part of the day tomorrow. a few showers midday, and then sunshine for the afternoon on your friday. we're watching not only katia, but we're also watching this area of disturbed weather in the gulf of mexico. it may become a tropical depression and it may also become tropical storm lee, which is interesting, because by the time we get to sunday, second half of our labor day weekend and monday, that storm system, its moisture to get entrained ahead of a cold front, and you might notice not only humidity, but more of a tropical feel to the air for the second half of the weekend. and the latest on tropical storm katia. its winds, well, down under 75 miles per hour. so it's now a tropical storm. watch its movement toward the leeward islands. sunday, by noontime, then a category 3 as it is
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3